Episode 4: Mac And Me

Here’s your DAPH! You know, your Dose of Awesome Podcast Hilariousness. This week Corey and I (DRC) have stumbled onto one of the true gems in the B Movie genre – 1988’s Mac And Me. This amazingly awful film has surpassed Troll 2 (at least for us) for the title of Best Worst Movie. A blatant ripoff of E.T. with the most insultingly blatant product placement I’ve ever seen, this film is awesome for all the wrong reasons. Meet the Cruises, a family that truly gives NO fucks. Mom Janet, who’s checked out more than the titty issues of National Geographic at the library, broham Mike, who gets it in like whoa and drives his van like it’s a stock car (because when your name’s Mikey Cruise, you just can’t lose), and little Eric, a handicapped boy who suffers more abuse from the filmmakers than Joe Swanson on Family Guy. Don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to start a flash mob at McDonalds when you’re done.

Download mp3 – Episode 4: Mac And Me

Next week we’ll be taking on 1987’s The Order of the Black Eagle. Imagine if someone had wanted to do a B Movie rendition of G.I. Joe back in the 80s, complete with a ridiculous animal sidekick, and that’s pretty much what we’ll get here. They had us at the baboon in a karate gi.

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