Episode 3: Halloween Resurrection

On this fine Halloween eve, Corey and I (DRC) review an interesting case study of infamous slasher Michael Myers. What happens when this legendary madman accomplishes all of his life’s goals, but gets pulled back into the game anyway? We get a movie about a guy who just wants to be left alone! Ol’ Mikey easily takes out the teenage trash, but hits a major snag when he takes on their leader – rapper/reality TV mogul/martial artist extraordinaire Busta Rhymes! If you’re thinking that this shitfest match-up killed the franchise deader than Tupac, you would be right. Let the Danger-tainment begin, fucka! WHAAA!!!!!

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Next week we’ll be taking on one of the worst rip-off movies in history – 1988’s Mac and Me. Want to capitalize on the popularity of E.T., but with a shit story, no budget, and a hideous “alien,” all wrapped up in a giant fucking McDonald’s commercial? Me too, bro. Me too.

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